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I am an enthusiastic nature, flower  and food lover from Finland. Our four seasons are a huge gift and I am trying to make the most of each one. Nature has been my sanctuary all my life - it inspires and soothes me. Sunrise takes my breath away and sunsets make me weak on my knees.

Photographing allows me to show you how I see the world.

By taking pictures of my food creations and offering you a

piece of the Finnish nature I hopefully can bring a hint of

beauty into your daily life.


Healthy living and well being both inspire me.

My hands have been made to create. 


I made my dream come true be a yoga teacher in 2016 and

am providing yoga workshops accotionally at the moment. I use YL-essential oils and sound bowls in my yoga classes.


If you need unique pictures for your website or to be printed, contact me so we can discuss about all the alternatives I can offer you.


I am also available to do the styling for almost any occasion and space. Don't hesitate to contact me through e-mail or the contact-form.


Looking forward to hearing from you


Sari Mattsson

Vantaa - Finland



Food photography and recipes


Books with my photography

Vihermehu -Luonnollinen Energiajuoma (2015)
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